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7.2oz InstaMorph Moldable Plastic & Color Mixing Pigment Pack Bundle

7.2oz InstaMorph Moldable Plastic & Color Mixing Pigment Pack Bundle

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InstaMorph is a lightweight polyester thermoplastic which acts like clay when warm, but when it cools, becomes a strong plastic. With the included pigment pack, you can easily create any color under the rainbow by adding various amounts to a base of white InstaMorph. 

The included color pigments are super easy to use and are highly concentrated, so you only need a little in order to make a big impact. 

  • REUSABLE PLASTIC: About 1 ounce of InstaMorph will form a one-inch cube of moldable plastic. It can be remolded again and again simply by reheating it. Make a mistake? Just reheat it!
  • GET CREATIVE: InstaMorph is ideal for makers, hobbyists, artists, fixers, cosplayers, tinkers, or anyone else that needs a custom part made out of plastic. You can create everything from masks, costume pieces, brackets, molds, toys, handles, grips or replacement parts.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply heat InstaMorph thermoplastic in hot water (150°F), in the oven, or using a heat gun and mold it with your hands, tools, or shape it around an object to create a plastic mold within minutes. When adding pigment, you will need 1-2 pigment pellets for each tablespoon of white InstaMorph. 
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