About Us

InstaMorph was founded by David and Brian Boshes in 2010. The father and son team created the product out of their love for science and “do it yourself” projects, and have featured actual items created with the product on InstaMorph.com and across social media. “We have been fortunate to be able to help consumers make, fix, and improve all kinds of interesting things with InstaMorph for over
11 years,” said InstaMorph co-creator Brian Boshes.

After over a decade of offering DIYers, crafters, and hobbyists a unique way to make their imaginations come to life, David and Brian decided to sell InstaMorph to Sorfeo, a consumer products company based in Washington D.C. and Salt Lake City.

“We’re thrilled to announce the addition of InstaMorph to the Sorfeo family of brands,” said Hal Widlansky, Sorfeo CEO and Co-Founder. “We love to work with innovative brands that already have a strong following and take them to the next level. We look forward to building upon InstaMorph’s long-running record of helping consumers bring their ideas to life.”

“Teaming up with Sorfeo to take the brand to the next level feels like an extension of our original vision. They’re building a portfolio of great products that consumers really use, and we’re excited to see InstaMorph join the family.”