Solid Color Instructions

Primarily for bags of white or black InstaMorph moldable plastic.

1. Heat water on a stove top or in the microwave to approximately 150° Fahrenheit.

2. Pour InstaMorph pellets into the water. Don’t worry if it isn’t enough to finish your project, you can always add more InstaMorph later.

3. Wait approximately two minutes or until the InstaMorph pellets begin to stick together.

4. Remove InstaMorph from the water and get rid of any remaining liquid between the pellets. Please be sure to use tongs or another type of tool (not your hands), as the beads will still be quite hot.

5. Begin to mold the InstaMorph into the desired shape with your hands, tools, molds, or any other means necessary.

6. Once finished, let your creation cool to room temperature so it can dry and become a strong plastic.