Project Ideas

There are tons of things you can make, fix, or improve using InstaMorph. Here is a sampling of the ideas from our wonderful community of users.

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Arts & Crafts

Create figurines, ornaments, toys, and all sorts of DIY projects. Let your creativity go wild!


Costumes & Props

Construct props, masks, jewelry, or other costume pieces for Halloween or your next cosplay project.



Mold InstaMorph around existing handles or grips for an easy custom solution.


Inventions & Prototypes

Improve an existing gadget or make your invention come to life by creating a model.


Replacement Parts

Fix broken tools, wires, toys, or use it for general repairs around your home.


Sports & Outdoors

Make your own fishing lures, create a custom handle for a walking stick, or pack a little when camping in case you need a quick fix in a pinch.