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1.2oz Color Mixing InstaMorph Moldable Plastic Pigment Pack

1.2oz Color Mixing InstaMorph Moldable Plastic Pigment Pack

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Take your InstaMorph projects to the next level with an InstaMorph pigment pack!

These pigment pellets have been specially formulated to be used with white InstaMorph moldable plastic. They are super easy to use and are highly concentrated, so you only need a little in order to make a big impact. Using the included red, yellow, blue, and black pellets, you can easily create any color under the rainbow. 

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STRONG: InstaMorph is a lightweight polyester thermoplastic which acts like clay when warm, but when it cools, it’s a strong plastic. Mold it with your hands, tools, or press around an object to make a mold. It can be painted, machined, carved or attached to other materials.
  • REUSABLE PLASTIC: About 1 ounce of InstaMorph will form a one-inch cube of moldable plastic. It can be remolded again and again simply by reheating it. Make a mistake? Just reheat it!
  • GET CREATIVE: InstaMorph is ideal for makers, hobbyists, artists, fixers, cosplayers, tinkers, or anyone else that needs a custom part made out of plastic. You can create everything from masks, costume pieces, brackets, molds, toys, handles, grips or replacement parts.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply heat InstaMorph thermoplastic in hot water (150°F), in the oven, or using a heat gun and mold it with your hands, tools, or shape it around an object to create a plastic mold within minutes. When adding pigment, you will need 1-2 pigment pellets for each tablespoon of white InstaMorph. 
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