Zombie garden gnome made with InstaMorph moldable plastic.

Zombie Garden Gnomes

Alex has been using InstaMorph for three years to make his zombie garden gnome sculptures.  We were so excited by his email with these pictures, we quickly fired back a request for more details on how she created these wonderfully creepy creations.

“I basically form them from the ground up.  Each piece is hand formed separately and then bonded together by dipping the pieces briefly in hot water and then pressing them together.  The larger pieces (the gnomes stand 12″ to 15″ high) are hollow to reduce weight and product.  As it is, each one takes about 2lbs of InstaMorph.   I do use super glue on some of the more delicate pieces to ensure a sturdy bond.”

Not only is the sculpting from InstaMorph top notch, Alex did a great job painting these guys to really bring out the zombie in each of them.

We let Alex know that in addition to hot water and super glue, if he access to a heat gun, she might try that for bonding and sculpting future pieces. We hope his sends us pics of those too!

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