Waterproof dome made for camera with InstaMorph moldable plastic for underwater 50/50 photography.

Waterproof Camera Dome

Thomas recently found InstaMorph and quickly put it to good use, making this special underwater camera lens for his mobile phone.

“Since there were no available domes for the Optrix case, I decided to DIY it. With the help of your product, the DIY dome made it possible to create 50/50 underwater shots. I took it to some rough waves in Laguna Beach, and man was I surprised of its durability. It completely held together.”

Yes, very cool! What a great use for InstaMorph. As long as the water stays below 140 deg F (wouldn’t even want to go in a Jacuzzi that hot) InstaMorph will stay super strong, and water-tight if sealed completely.

If you were to take on this project, another option is to mix in some black pigment pellets (or any color) to match your camera body if you like.

Below you’ll see some pictures of Thomas’s build, as well as some test shots showing how it worked in the pool.

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