Hiking Stick "Carved" Topper

Hiking Stick "Carved" Topper

Today’s InstaMorph idea is one sent to us by Donna. Instead of spending the many hours to become a proficient wood-carver, she mimicked the look and feel of a hand-carved hiking stick with a topper made out of InstaMorph.

“I have an 8-year-old grandson with a very vivid imagination.  We picked up a great walking stick while walking in the woods and he wanted me to carve a wolf head at the top.  I’m not a carver!!!  When I saw your product I immediately thought how we could mould a wolf head over the top of his stick. I’ve attached a few photos of our completed project.  Our grandson decided he wanted a bear vs the original wolf.  Great product!  I did find that if the water temp was a little higher than 140 the InstaMorph was easier to shape.

What’s great about the product is its ability to be reheated and reshaped.  The top of the hiking stick broke off so I sawed til I had solid wood and reformed the cap and then reattached the bear :) one happy little hiker. We used “Bondo” Body Filler to adhere the cap to the stick.  Works great, dries quickly and can be sanded if any oozes out.  For paint we used True Test XO Rust Enamel – color was XO-2 Gloss Black (our grandson wanted it “very shiny!”).  These are things we had on hand.”

Thanks Donna for sharing your project with us. Back in my day, when you wanted a carved hiking stick, most of the time you had to settle for just “stick”. Not anymore!

Everyone else, you can complete this project in just one weekend. Maybe there is an aspiring hiking enthusiast in your life that would enjoy this as much as Donna’s grandson. Don’t need something as artistic? You can always use InstaMorph to add any type of custom grip to a handle or pole. You can even make the entire handle out of InstaMorph if you want to.

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