Buttstock made with InstaMorph moldable plastic.


Bryan recently sent us this project he made of out InstaMorph:

“Just got my hands on your product for the first time this winter, and I’m having a great time with it. Figured I’d share my latest project with you. It’s a buttstock for my defender shotgun. I live in northern Canada, and spend A LOT of time in the bush. My defender is my survival defense turn-to. Thanks to your Instamorph, it’s become a bird gun, target gun, etc….”

Very cool project Byran! Really great to hear how just a little bit of InstaMorph has really extended the features of your shotgun. Turns out InstaMorph is a great material for modifying firearms and other things needing a good grip. In fact, here’s a post where someone has used InstaMorph to make the entire grip for a speargun!

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