Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Have you ever had a piece of plastic break off an appliance or other tool, rendering it useless. Well, here’s a fix for you then.

In this example, the plastic at the base of the vacuum cleaner handle broke, making it impossible to use. The wires were the only thing keeping the two parts together.

In order to fix this, Michelle over at YuKonstruct heated up some InstaMorph and pressed it against the ball joint at the bottom of the handle, let it sit long enough to hold its shape a bit, and then rotated it around to break the seal.

“It worked great, keeping the shape of the joint, not stuck to the movable part but stuck on the solid part, holding the handle of the vacuum cleaner together and encasing the wires.”

Do be careful when using warm InstaMorph around other plastics. It may inadvertently stick to a surface you don’t want it to. In this case, it worked beautifully for Michelle, and we’re happy to hear this little vacuum has been saved from the garbage pile.

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