Submersible Pump Wire FIx

Submersible Pump Wire FIx

Dave fixed an underwater pump which had a leaking wire connection.

“My Little Giant water pump was starting to develop a problem.  The electrical cord was pulling away from the pump, and every time it was submerged in water, it would trigger the GFI plug and stop operating. I needed a quick fix that would seal the opening in the pump as well as provide a strain relief for the power cord.

Here is what the fix looked like before and after the InstaMorph cooled off.  I used some ice cubes to accelerate the cooling process. It turned out to be a great repair to my pump, sealing the pump motor from water, and saving me the costs of a new pump.”

Thanks for sending us the pictures. They look great! Do you have something in your home that could use some InstaMorph to bring it back to life? Order a jar today. There is enough in there for dozens of projects like this. When you’re done, be sure to send us a picture so we can post it here.

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