RC Car Repair

RC Car Repair

Let’s face it, we sometimes break our R/C projects. If you’re like the InstaMorph Team, they often stayed broken more than they were operational. Not anymore! InstaMorph can help you get back on the track/air/water faster than ever. Look at these great fixes from InstaMorph fan, Andrew.

“I acquired a pretty old (20 years!) and beat up RC car. There was a lot of potential, but parts are a bit hard to find. Using just a couple of table spoons of InstaMorph, I was able to:

  • Make a new bumper skid pad
  • Make better supports for the back
  • New spacing support in the rear

Especially cool is the fact that you can weld the pieces together, and that any scrap can be recycled right back into the bag!

InstaMorph is an indispensable part of the RC hobbyist's toolbox. I was able to craft body mount poles quickly with InstaMorph rather than buying online. Being able to just reheat and remold is great. The heat sensitivity also allows for easy puncturing, in this case, used to put mounting holes in the body posts.”

Thanks Andrew for the pics and glad to see you got back on the road…

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