Countertop Hole Cap

Countertop Hole Cap

This simple project was sent in to us by one of the members of YuKonstruct, a maker space up in Whitehorse, Yukon.

They had installed a new faucet in their maker space, and were left with an unsightly hole where the hot and cold taps used to come through. Worse yet, water would spill into those hole and get in the cupboard below the sink. InstaMorph to the rescue.

“As a temporary, but likely fairly long-term fix, I filled the remaining holes with softened InstaMorph and inserted a 3-D printed chess rook on one side while the InstaMorph was still soft.”

Pretty creative fix to a common problem. What else could you put in there? Maybe a cup to hold your toothbrushes? How about a small soap or sponge dish embedded in that InstaMorph plug. The possibilities are pretty large we would think.

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