Rear car lens taillight fix made with InstaMorph moldable plastic and pigment pellets to make it a red color.

Car Lens Repair

The origination of this project was a car accident, which is never fun. But Brian tries to make the best of the situation with a temporary repair thanks to InstaMorph.

“I got rear-ended recently. The car is still driveable, but they took out one of the rear lenses on my bumper (see photo). Fix isn’t that bad, but they can’t get me into get a replacement for two months. Need to do something in the meantime to patch up the missing lens, you can get pulled over for driving with white lights displayed on the rear of a vehicle (when not in reverse).

That’s when I remembered that I had some InstaMorph and some red pigments lying around. I send a bit of it through my pasta press to get a long flat sheet. I needed to heat up the press a bit so the InstaMorph wouldn’t cool to quickly, which I did with a hair dryer. I don’t know if it helped too much. Running it through to the midway setting, I had a sheet that was long and thick enough and was easily cut with scissors.

Went out to my vehicle and fit it to the missing spot. Put some double sided foam tape to hold down one edge, the other slipped behind what was left of the plastic lens.

Overall, I’m super happy with how this came out (only took around 30 mins). Looks a little better than driving around with a missing taillight. If I did it again, I would have used a few more red pigment pellets as it came out a tad pink for my taste.”

Thanks for sharing all the pics Brian. Hope you get your car fixed soon. Let us know what the body shop thinks of your InstaMorph fix. ;)

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