Cable Reinforcement

Cable Reinforcement

A quick idea this week for you InstaMorph Fans, sent to us by Donna:

“Many people who use charging cables in a daily basis, as I do, occasionally deal with wear-and-tear on said cables. In my case, this extra-long charging cable was starting to wear out where the cable met the plug. That juncture was reinforced by a flexible rubbery plastic, but that plastic was starting to give out.

I already had one extra-long cable die on me last year, due to this issue. But that was before I knew InstaMorph existed. This time, I am prepared. Look at what a half-teaspoon of InstaMorph pellets can do! THIS cable is not going to come apart like its predecessor did.”

Thanks Donna for the fix idea. For those of you that want to try this out, simply heat up some InstaMorph and mold it around the damaged or loose area, let cool, and you’ve got yourself a reinforced cable connection. InstaMorph sticks to most vinyl and acyclic coatings so this should work out well for your common plugs and cables.

I know there are a couple of cables around my house that could benefit from some added strength or rigidity, how about yours?

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