Whammy bar attached to music keyboard with InstaMorph moldable plastic.

Whammy Bar

Joshua Paxton, a musician, customized his keyboard with this sweet upgraded pitch bender handle. He took the whammy bar off a guitar and fashioned a custom link to the pitch bender handle our of InstaMorph®.

“I’m a professional keyboardist, and this was my first InstaMorph project.I’ll be using this in front of several hundred people per night, 4-5 nights a week on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.”

InstaMorph is a great tool for customizing your rig, just as Joshua has done here. We also assume you could use InstaMorph® to help with other things in the music world. Maybe you could customize your violin shoulder rest or create extensions for those hard to reach saxophone keys? When attempting these projects, take the necessary steps to protect your instrument, as InstaMorph® may stick to certain finishes. A little saran wrap or parchment paper will usually due the trick…


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