Simple Cell Phone Stand

Simple Cell Phone Stand

Have an old cell phone they don’t make one of those fancy stands for? No problem. Make your own! Here is an easy, 5 minute project which demonstrates the creative problem solving power of InstaMorph.

First, find a phone. Found one? Good. Now heat up enough InstaMorph® to make a stand that will be large enough for your needs. Make it as big or as small as your want, but remember to make the base and sides large enough to hold the phone and not let it tip over or out of the stand.

WARNING: InstaMorph sticks to many materials, especially plastics. In order to protect your phone during this project, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap.

Once you have a glob of InstaMorph ready, mold it around the base of your phone (or sides, however you want to arrange it), and then press then entire thing onto a flat surface (like a table top or cutting board) to form the base of the stand. Then, carefully remove your device by gently wiggling it out of its new cradle. You can now put this piece in ice water or simply let it stand until it has cooled and hardened. Wha-la! Finished cell phone stand. You can optionally paint your new stand if your so inclined. We left ours in distinctive InstaMorph® white.

Want to get really creative? Take the idea of a cell phone base and turn it into a one of a kind work of art. Perhaps a human hand which presents your cell phone to you like Thing from “The Addams Family”? Or maybe a weird desk mouth that has a craving for expensive electronics?

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