Shelf Hooks

Shelf Hooks

These pictures were recently sent to us from Jacob who is obviously stuck in a hotel room with one too few coat hangers. Thankfully he brought a jar of InstaMorph while traveling and was able to heat up some water in a coffee maker(!), add some InstaMorph, and viola, instant shelf hooks. In his own words.

“Third project of the day (Can you tell I’m a little bit bored?) was to try and give myself a bit more hanging space for bags here in the room. As it’s a hotel room, I couldn’t do anything destructive, like knock a nail into the wall. So, after a bit of thinking, a hook!”

Why is there a “tail” on it? We asked him too…

“I found was that with just a normal bracket, no tail, was that when the weight of a bag was applied, the plastic on the lower part of the bracket would bend quite a bit, causing the entire thing to fall off the shelf, probably because I didn’t make it wide enough, or thick enough.

So, the whale tail concept came in, I initially thought to just have a flat, non curved support, but that tail just looks cooler! So the tail stops the lower section of the bracket bending too much.”

So Jacob and the InstaMorph team recommend that if you try this yourself, make the bracket a little thicker and wider than what is pictured here, although that all depends on how heavy an object you’re hanging from it. We’re thinking coats, sweaters, belts, ties, even picture frames could be used on one of these. Let us know if you have other suggestions. Also, you should may want to consider putting fresh water in the hotel coffee maker before using it for coffee, unless you like the taste of plastic in your beverage.

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