Saw Blade Handle

Saw Blade Handle

Dave made a new handle for a saw blade he uses a lot. Better yet, he made the new handle fit his hand perfectly!

“I trim my trees with a tree limb saw on a long pole.  Once in a while I can reach a branch or I am on a ladder and I wanted the same saw blade in a “hand-held” model.  I had an extra saw blade, so I thought I would use InstaMorph to make a new handle for the blade.

So I poured a bunch of InstaMorph in some hot water until it turned clear.  I pulled it out with some kitchen tongs and formed a rough saw blade handle that was approximately what I wanted. I took the handle out to my band say and cut a slot for the blade. I then went to the drill press to drill a screw hole to attach the blade to my new handle. It was easy and it worked out really well as you can see. To make sure the handle was comfortable to use, I re-heated the handle one more time and slightly squeezed it.  Now, for the cost of a couple of dollars worth of InstaMorph, I have a saw handle the is a perfect fit to my hand, and allows me to trim all those low branches.  Problem solved!”

Thanks Dave, for the excellent pictures and walk-through for creating one of these.

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