Robot Parts - Grippers

Robot Parts - Grippers

This next idea comes to us from Gail and her team of aspiring student engineers, Team RoboEpic 5017. They are competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge, where teams of up to 10 students compete in collaborative robotic challenges. They used InstaMorph to make the grabbing arms on their robot. They were spray painted pink, the team’s color.

“Here is a picture of the ring grabbers we made (and dyed pink of course) for our FTC game. We are an all girls high school robotics team. We cannot use pre-fab parts (except those made by Tetrix), nor do we have a fab lab, so InstaMorph has answered our calls of “how in the world do we make something round to grab those rings!” Metal brackets are too slippery, cardboard is too flimsy, wood is too heavy….InstaMorph is perfect!

The girls used regular hot pink spray paint once it was solidified for a few days. They plan to make some back up molds just in case, and yes, will spray them pink as well. Its their team color.  As expected. We are probably going to order some more! They love it!

They have invented a new “technique” for attaching two pieces together or remolding a corner. Much like pottery, they were dripping hot water on just one area, allowing it to melt slightly, then rubbing the two pieces together. It was really funny to watch them have such a good time with it! They called it the “drip and stick” technique! Drip the hot water, melt it, and it sticks!”


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