Ringtool Case

Ringtool Case

Justin made a custom fit case for a very unique tool, called a ringtool. InstaMorph worked out really well for him in this application, although it did take a little practice on his part. Still, you can’t just go out an buy a ringtool carrying case, so you just have to make one! :)  Justin share the genesis of building the perfect tool carrier with us.

“I bought this awesome all-in-one tool online called a ringtool. I’m a wheelchair fitter, so I’m always adjusting little things here and there. I found this little tool that replaced a lot of what I carry around on a daily basis – so I HAD to have it. After I ordered it I was stoked when it showed up. I tossed it in my pocket and I went to work only to have the tool bother me all day in my pocket by it poking me with its several features. When I ordered it I saw people using lanyards to haul this thing around outside of their pants, but I can’t do that as I dress like a professional and don’t want to look tacky – so I got a little box that fit the tool and tossed it in there. It didn’t poke me anymore, but it jiggled around in the box and drove me insane so I looked and looked for something that would work and never found anything. I tried stuffing the little box with foam and it ended up just being a mess so I gave up until I found InstaMorph. 

The first thing I did was make a mold for it, I molded a nice round shape and pressed the tool into it and waited for it to dry. I hadn’t read anything about the product shrinking a tad bit – so my tool got stuck and I had to reheat the product and try again – which is great that it was that easy and my tool wasn’t stuck forever! I remolded again and made the mold a little bigger, but it still didn’t sit right so I used it as it was. I fought with the tool being stuck more often than not for a few days so I changed my prototype and started from scratch. I had a small housing that I got from another product I had, so I modified it and created my base. I filled the base with the InstaMorph​ and was able to perfectly fit the tool in the mold – I pushed the tool around, creating some space to allow for shrinkage and left the tool in the mold until it was completely dry. 

After it dried I removed it from the InstaMorph and my shrinkage guess was PERFECT! I can now carry my tool around all day in my suit pants without being bothered by it either poking me or bouncing around in a case. So many people are intrigued with the tool itself, but I like pointing out the cons of carrying the tool for a professional, and bragging about the InstaMorph case I made (Which I have simply named “Toolbox”), along with the InstaMorph product itself! I never imagined that a cool tool would lead me to discovering InstaMorph, but I’m glad it did. My kids have asked me several times to create stuff for them and it’s an awesome thing to do that brings my family together!”

Thanks Justin for all the details about how this project game together. So happy to hear that your family is getting a kick out of the material as well!

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