Cover made for Honda remote key fob out of InstaMorph moldable plastic.

Remote Key Cover

Merle made this key cover for her Honda out of a little bit of black InstaMorph.

“My Honda remote key was doing some “pocket calls” to my Accord. If you click on the unlock and then press and hold it again it rolls all four windows down and opens the sunroof. It had done that twice in four years while sitting in the garage, but the third time it was outside in a pouring rain. I ordered the instaMorph next day. It looks crude; I have a lot to learn about the material, but this works perfectly, and I wouldn’t change it because I think this is an elegant solution. Excellent product, I love it, and I’ll find many uses for it.”

Glad to hear InstaMorph was there to help save you from a soggy car interior Merle!

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