Pebble Watch Holder

Pebble Watch Holder

These new Pebble watches are getting more popular, but unlike those iPhones, we haven’t seen a good stand for one. Until now!

Baron made this custom hanger for his Pebble watch. It holds the watch by the belt buckle. It even holds the charging cable when the watch isn’t there. How cool is that? Also, did we mention that with the use of a 3M Command Strip, it’s removable and non-damaging to the wall? Even better!

Where could you use such a hanger? Well, Baron has his mounted next to the bed at night so he can see the time on it.

He sent us a great set of pictures, so you can see how he built it. He started with a tooth-looking piece of InstaMorph, before re-heating the edges and bending them up into position. Then, all that was needed was to apply the mounting tape and put up in good spot. Ready to go in just a few minutes.

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