InstaMorph moldable plastic added a holder to a regular mechanical timer to create a selfie panoramic camera stand.

Panoramic Camera Stand

Now this is a cool idea! Have you ever wanted to take a panoramic photo, but still be in it yourself? That’s something that a selfie-stick can’t accomplish. Well, Thomas figured out an incredibly easy (and cheap) way to for taking hands-free panoramic pictures with the help of some InstaMorph.

“I got a cheap anti clockwise timer from World Market and slapped some InstaMorph to hold two different positions. It works great for time lapsing family gatherings and beach trips.”

The mouse timer is a cute touch. As you can see, he only had to use a few teaspoons of InstaMorph to make all the modifications necessary. All Thomas has to do now place the phone in the cradle in the desired position, wind up the timer, and capture a perfect panoramic picture.

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