Microscope view finder holder made with black InstaMorph moldable plastic so everyone can see on a screen what the microscope sees.

Microscope Viewfinder

Brad and his kids like using their microscope a lot. Issue is, “everyone always fights for their turn to look through the eye piece, plus everyone else always misses the cool stuff when it happens.”

He’s come up with an ingenious solution using a smartphone and a some InstaMorph to build an extra large viewfinder that everyone can enjoy.

I used an old Smartphone and built a mount from InstaMorph to connect the phone to the Microscope in just the right position to use the phones camera. This allows you to use the phones screen as a display as well as take pictures and live video from the microscope. It cost several hundred dollars to buy something that is specifically made for this purpose…   This video shows the phone mounted as well as some videos we captured from the Microscope.


My end result doesn’t look pretty, but it works great! This first picture actually does a great job showing how I had to assemble it in multiple steps. I discovered through some careful testing that the InstaMorph would stick to the eye piece if it was hot, so I had to build it in layers being careful not to have the really hot sections touching the eye piece. (We are now going to build a second clip for our Telescope!!)”

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