LCD Display Enclosure

LCD Display Enclosure

Jahon made an enclosure for an LCD display using InstaMorph. Looks like he then spray painted it black, which we think looks really good.

“Probably not as cool as the other molds on here, BUT I made a mold for a uni project. Hot air gun at 200C+. Thanks guys!”

Nice job Johan. We’ve got that same LCD powering some projects at InstaMorph HQ I’m pretty sure.

A hot air gun was probably a good way to go here so as to not involved water with electronics (they don’t mix well if you haven’t already figured that out), but be careful if you try this yourself. 200 deg C is way beyond what InstaMorph was designed to take, so you’ll have to monitor your plastic and parts carefully and avoid getting them too hot.

Also, now you can ditch the paints and make your black colored InstaMorph with our new Pigment Pack.

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