Kinect TV Shelf

Kinect TV Shelf

Brian was looking for a way to mount his Xbox Kinect to the top of his flatscreen. Lucky for him, he had some InstaMorph and some black pigment pellets from a pigment pack handy.

Below you’ll see some pictures from his build. First he mixed up some InstaMorph with black pellets to make a blob of black InstaMorph. To protect his TV and Kinect from sticking to the warm InstaMorph, he wrapped both of them with kitchen plastic wrap. This worked really well as the InstaMorph doesn’t readily stick to that material.

He then formed the InstaMorph into a triangle-ish shape. After re-heating it one more time, Brian pressed the form around the top of the TV, forming lips on the back and front of the shelf to hold it to the TV. He then carefully pried the shaped material from the TV, bent it slightly to form a snug fit on the TV when reattached, and then submerged it in ice water to speed up the cooling.

Upon reattaching the shelf to the TV, Brian used a little bit of double sided foam tape to hold the Kinect to the new shelf. Overall this custom solution only used a few dollars worth of material, and was ready in about 20 minutes. Not too shabby! The black pigments really help the shelf blend in with the TV casing; you can barely tell it’s there when the Kinect is attached to it.

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