iPad Videoconferencing Strut

iPad Videoconferencing Strut

Baron sent in this lengthy description of one of his recent projects. It’s a pretty simple, yet ingenious way to keep his iPad at the proper angle for video conferencing.

“For this project the problem was a proper videoconferencing set-up using my iPad. When a club I belong to has board meetings I use FaceTime via my iPad to videoconference in people from a hundred miles away but my iPad keyboard case, which is great otherwise, is always tilted backwards. The person on the other side can only see the ceiling because the angle is bad and it really needs to be 90 degrees so the camera and screen can face the group in the room.

I had been propping up my iPad against a wall but it’s difficult as the iPad would fall over and slam shut. InstaMorph to the rescue.

I created a long strut made out of InstaMorph, pressed the ends against the top and bottom onto the iPad and keyboard case to mold and cool to get the proper shape and length for a snug fit. Now the angle is proper to videoconference with the group in the room without tilting backwards or in danger of falling shut. The top of the screen is now pulled forward to 90 degrees to the table, the front is secure with the strut, the bottom is secure due to the keyboard case magnets, the back is taunt due to the case fabric. Perfect for our next videoconference.”

Thanks Baron for all the details! I’m sure we all could use one of these…

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