Game Controller Mount

Game Controller Mount

Thomas made a game controller mount for his cell phone out of some black and white InstaMorph. He gives a lot of great details and picture of his build process below. Wondering how he got the black color? Check out the new InstaMorph pigment pack.

“I just finished making a clip device to hold my phone to a game controller, and it works great!  There are similar clips that you can buy online, but they are expensive and require you to either take your case off or buy one from them.  Making the clip with InstaMorph let me customize it so I can use my case and my controller and do it for far less money.

I started off by making a flat piece of InstaMorph and cutting it to the approximate shape I would need to have it wrap around the controller, leaving a protruding piece for the future attachment of the phone piece.

After some cooling and reheating to get it the perfect shape I did the same thing for my phone, making sure to hold the phone securely by wrapping the InstaMorph over the top of my phone’s case.  I left the bottom part of the phone’s case less covered so I could make use of InstaMorph’s bending property and clip it in securely.  I also made sure to leave extra InstaMorph to serve as the attachment to the controller piece.

After cooling the phone piece I reheated the tabs on the controller piece and the phone piece (by dipping just those sections in hot water) and smooshed them together at the angle I wanted!  Voila!

It worked great, but the plastic tabs surrounding the controller weren’t strong enough to hold on to the controller if I shook it.  I wanted it stronger.

I thought it might look a little more interesting with some white on it as well, so I made 3 white rods of InstaMorph at the same lengths as the controller tabs and with more reheating of the tabs smooshed the rods over the top of each tab and cooled.

Now the clips are strong enough to to withstand intense maraca- shaking.

Cool stuff:  

The InstaMorph surrounding the phone creates such a good seal with the case that there is no way the phone would accidentally fall out, even though there are no side restraining tabs.

Tips and tricks: 

1. Dip sections you want to stay the same shape in cold water as you work on different sections.
2. Have a large enough source of hot water to dip parts of your creation you want to get perfect into (I use a pan on the stove that I can reheat to keep hot)
3. When working with InstaMorph on an item, let InstaMorph cool before you try and remove it if it is sticky, otherwise you’ll have a mess.

I think that’s it!

Thanks for the great product, super useful and loads of fun!”

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