Finger ramp for bass guitar made by a musician out of InstaMorph moldable plastic.

Finger Ramp For Bass Guitar

Nathan made these custom-fitted finger ramps for his bass guitars out of InstaMorph.
“I’ve been using InstaMorph for years to make various hardware pieces for my bass guitars, and I recommend it often. The most notable piece I’ve been making is a bass finger ramp, which is used to keep the playing feel consistent in between the instruments pickups; it keeps the player’s fingers from falling to far below the string, and opens up new playing positions.”
Here are a couple videos where you can see these basses equipped with his InstaMorph finger ramps:

We hear that these can get quite expensive and takes a lot of precise measuring if you were going to order one custom made. But with a few minutes and a few scoops of InstaMorph, Nathan has proved that you can make a suitable replacement in no time.

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