Extension Saw

Extension Saw

Brad, the maker of these awesome InstaMorph skis, is back with another project. This time he’s working at fashioning an extension saw for trimming his trees. We didn’t even know that was a thing, but now we want one.

“I’ve been looking for a good way to trim the trees around my yard without the hassle and risks of moving a ladder around my yard leaning at odd angles to reach the lower branches.

I wanted to have a battery operated saw on a long telescoping pole. To accomplish this I needed to have the cutting motor at the top of the pole while keeping the heavy battery and controls at the bottom end of the pole. What I decided to do, was to cut my old Ryobi 18v reciprocating saw in half, placing the motor and blade at the top of the pole and the battery and trigger section at the bottom.

The key that allowed this tool to come together was the use of Instamorph to reinforce the areas where the tool was cut in half as well as all the areas where I had to use screws to connect the two sections of the tool to the pole. The instamorph plastic creates a very strong and reliable medium to anchor the screws into while molding to the shape of the interior of the hollow plastic tool. It also allowed me to improve the shape of the cut areas of the tool to fit tightly to the round pole.

The finished tool worked exactly as I planned. I can cut braches up to 25 feet high + the height of user. Which is MUCH higher than any commercial powered pole saw I could find.”

Thanks Brad! By the way, the last picture shows how he’s heating up InstaMorph remotely in his garage. He uses a cheap camp stove and a small pan fille with water. Seems to work out really well for him.

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