Custom Earbuds

Custom Earbuds

Steve made some custom fitted earbuds out of InstaMorph. Here’s how he did it.

“I took the large rubber adapter for the earbud, inverted the tip, and snapped it on the earbud backwards (so that the rubber covered the earbud – see picture) and put a bit of plastic over the end. I warmed up the IM ’til it was clear, then let it cool until I could comfortably touch it to my lips; I then wrapped it around the earbud before squishing it all (earbud and IM) into *just* the outer bit of my ear (where the earbuds sit, not down into the canal). Then when it had cooled enough to be firm but not hard, I pulled it out, removed the earbud, and poked a hole down the middle with a piece of coat hanger; I then smoothed out the now distorted end, and re-inserted it in my ear ’til it was cooled all the way. I’m not vouching for the safety of this process, but I’ve done it several times with no issue with various food-safe products, and InstaMorph produced the best result by far. There are commercial products that accomplish this same bit, but they cost as much as a 12oz jar of IM, and you don’t get all that extra plastic to play with!”

The result was a set of custom fit earbuds (These are Sennheiser CX150s) that sound awesome and fit very well; I can use ’em mowing the lawn, when risking $700 JH Audio IEMS would be unreasonable :)

I just can’t get over all the cool things you can do with this stuff!!”

Thanks for the detailed walkthrough Steve. Enjoy those awesome sounding earbuds!

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