An ergonomic and accessibility device made for seniors to operate the washing machine made with InstaMorph moldable plastic.

Reacher Device

Brianna and her engineering group, the EffectiveFour, used InstaMorph in their term project device, called the Effectuator X. Cool name!

This was for the Engineering Profession and Practice course at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

“In a group of 4 first year undergraduate students, we were tasked with making a device to help two local seniors do their laundry at a retirement residence, as they struggled with reaching the dials of their laundry machines and pulling clothes out of the top-loading washing machine.

Our device uses a spring mechanism to open and close the arms on the end. This allows the user to close the device on the clothes and pull them out of the machine. We used InstaMorph to mold the handle of our device, which was fairly simple and was a talking point of our device. All of our peers were asking where we had bought it from.”

Thanks Brianna for using InstaMorph in your school project and really great to hear (and see) it turned out so well. 

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