Powerchair Bumpers

Powerchair Bumpers

Roxie made her powerchair a little safer (and less likely to mark other surfaces) but installing a set of InstaMorph bumpers on it.

“…I use a power wheelchair to get around. I have used it for 40 years and have always had problems with my foot rests hitting up against things and causing marks. It’s made out of aluminum, which is extremely strong and will easily tear up walls, door casings, furniture or whatever if I’m not really careful. This is a problem for lots of people where they have different things sticking out on their wheelchairs that may be sharp and need to be covered up. Believe me, there is not anything on the market that will hold up and be even half as a versatile as InstaMorph! We made these little covers for the corners of my foot rests over six months ago, painted them black with a permanent marker, and they have held up perfectly. Even running into brick walls! You can see the scratches on them. I am so impressed with this, I can’t begin to tell you. I have even contacted the wheelchair repair company in my city and told them about it, put it on my Facebook page, and sent it out to people in the disabled community who I know can use it. I have created other adaptive things with it and I will be sending you pictures of those as well. Thanks for making such an incredible product.”

Well thank you Roxie for sharing all the details about your project, and we’re so happy to hear how well it has turned out for you.


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