Hand brace to stabilize thumb made with InstaMorph moldable plastic.

Hand Brace

Check out this InstaMorph project submitted by Michael, a high school athletic trainter.

This is my first morph. I am an athletic trainer and jui jitsu practitioner. I injured my thumb in in my JJ training and needed a way to stabilize it so I could continue. A little tape around the base and I’m good to go.

As a high school athletic trainer, I handle the sports med-based health care of ~500 different athletes. My job requires I find creative ways to keep kids in the game. Usually this means providing bracing and support for injuries using athletic tape. InstaMorph allows me to provide a more stable structure, while still being affordable. What I like about this product is once the kid is back to 100% I can take the brace back and reform it for the next kid.

Although we do recommend talking to a professional before self-diagnosing and using InstaMorph to treat any injury, perhaps this is something you can discuss with your trainer or doctor if this will work for you. Also, if you’re a medical professional, perhaps InstaMorph could work in your treatments, like it has for Michael and his training program.

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