Showing the tool used in car manufacturing that was covered in InstaMorph moldable plastic to protect the car from damage as well as the InstaMorph tool cover created.

Factory Tool Guard

We love hearing about different uses for InstaMorph. Most of the time, these projects take place in the home, but every so often we hear about some of the commercial/industrial applications of using such a unique material in the workplace.

This project comes from a Quality Supervisor, Prentice, a the Nissan manufacturing plant in Tennessee. They build the Altima, Maxima, LEAF, Rogue, Pathfinder and the Infiniti QX60 at this plant and his job is help protect the vehicles from paint chips and scratches by making protectors for certain build processes. They were looking for a new plastic coating for some of their metal tools that would help them avoid scratching the paint on cars as they were assembled. Their existing material was expensive and didn’t hold up to the abuse of factory life.

“We install a plastic over a tool to help protect the paint on the fender of the units because the tool gets so close to the painted surface. We were looking to find a material that would with stand the “abuse” of securing parts under the hood. We had tried 3 different materials from medical cast material to Kydex plastic. We could only get about 2 weeks before the plastic would wear out or break. By using your [the] sample that you sent, we were able to make 3 plastic covers for this tool and we are still on the first cover and it’s been over a month in use now. I just want to thank you again for sample and give a testimony on how well it has worked out for us and that we are looking at other possibilities for your product with order we purchased.”

Thanks Prentice for your assessment of InstaMorph in your workplace. Even more importantly, we’re thrilled to hear how well InstaMorph is holding up to the rigors of industrial life over in Tennessee.

Have a custom part or protector that you need to build in a flash (and don’t want to damage your tool), why not give InstaMorph a try!

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