Custom Utensils

Custom Utensils

Alex used InstaMorph to make some custom utensil handles for one of his clients. The client has a hard time using standard forks and spoons due to poor fine motor skills. Specialized adaptive utensils are expensive, so Alex used InstaMorph to make some on the cheap. Here’s how he did it.

“I used some cheap forks and spoons that I bent at an angle, and then I built up a larger handle with the InstaMorph. I added a guard to help keep the hand positioned around the handle. It was easy to re-melt the handle and create a custom grip that fits the hand exactly. Now he has a set of utensils that he can easily hold, and he can eat more independently. I saved money on expensive adaptive equipment, it took me 30 minutes to make a custom fork and spoon, and my client has more independence. What’s not to love?”

We couldn’t agree with your more Alex. Great job on your project. Even more excited that the client is happy!


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