Adaptable handle for tech device stylus made with InstaMorph to help those with limited mobility.

Adaptive Handheld Stylus

Lauren made this adaptive handle for an iPad or smart phone stylus out of InstaMorph. It was made by forming a strip of InstaMorph moldable plastic and forming that around both the finger and stylus. InstaMorph shouldn’t stick to most metal stylus, but if you want to make it easily removable, be sure to coat or wrap your stylus in something before molding the InstaMorph around it.

“This handle can fit over a person’s thumb or index finger and allow for operation of the iPad without the need to grip the stylus. It is crafted for individuals who may have trouble gripping a stylus, or who have limited motion in their fingers, such as individuals who have cerebral palsy. With this stylus grip, the user only needs to move their wrist and elbow in order to operate their device.”

Thanks Lauren for sharing your project with us and the InstaMorph community! We hope that others are able to replicate your success and build something that enables them to use these devices easily.

#technology #ergonomics #mobility

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