Zelda Cosplay Props

Zelda Cosplay Props

Jeremie created some detailed cosplay props out of InstaMorph.

“We are cosplaying Link and Zelda for an upcoming con. This is my first con and first time trying prop design. So here I go, I have the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Bow prop and the Wind Waker Baton for Zelda. Both are unpainted but I wanted to show the uniqueness of the product itself. There are so many ways to utilize this stuff!”

We also got an update from Jeremie with more pictures of the finished items.

“I attached several pictures of each of the finished painted props.  I know I’m unable to enter again but I also sent some a couple of pictures of two items that I used the color packs with.  The two keys are also Zelda props that didn’t required any painting cause of the color packs feel free to use those as well.”


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