Theater Masks

Theater Masks

Ali over at “A Little Art” makes masks out of InstaMorph.

“I’ve been using Instamorph (heated and smooshed into sheets, then heated and draped over sculpted clay, then painted in acrylic paints) to make lightweight theatre character masks. Works a treat! The method that’s worked best for me is heating 3/4 – 1 cup of InstaMorph in a silicone pie dish in the microwave until clear, pressing to get it into a generally smooth and even circle, then turning out onto a silicone cookie sheet, and using a silicone rolling pin to get a thin and even sheet (which I then just soften in hot water in an oven dish – lined with my silicone cookie sheet again – to use). I used an old wine bottle (with the label soaked off) before I bought the rolling pin, it was *nearly* as good.

You can check out her original blog post and the rest of A Little Art’s work here:

I’ve been playing with making some false noses and less-than-half masks, InstaMorph takes acrylic paint v. nicely once you rough the surface up a little with a bit of sand paper.”

See her gorilla mask here:

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