Temporary Piercings

Temporary Piercings

Brandon made some temporary piercings out of InstaMorph. They are pretty neat; we think he should keep’em.

“I’ve had sizing issues with my snakebite lip piercings since I got them, and when the studs I purchased a few days ago were too short (and I misplaced the hoops I’d had in them previously) I had to make an emergency set of jewelry to get by until I could go back to the shop. These are the product of necessity at 3 in the morning.

I made them by matching the gauge of my current piercings, threading them through, and then reheating and shaping them into the desired aesthetic. They were only in for one day but the entirety of it I got sidelong glances and double takes. It was pretty fun!”

Please note that InstaMorph isn’t certified as food safe by the FDA or safe for internal use. That being said, InstaMorph is a non-toxic material.

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