Plastic Brooches

Plastic Brooches

Shannon made some plastic brooches that are not only super good looking, but the GLOW IN THE DARK! How cool is that!?!?

“The Nudi-­brooches are a set of five small plastic brooches that evoke the fluidity and mysterious beauty of a species of poisonous, soft-­bodied mollusks called nudibranchs. I utilized glow powder, black plastic lanyard, and bright acrylic paints to simulate the characteristics that make nudibranchs so captivating.

This solution did not come easy. I spent the greater part of the quarter working through materials such as fine-body clay, carving wax, sheet wax, encaustic wax, and transparency sheets until I finally made a form in InstaMorph that became my inspiration for my final pieces. The InstaMorph had several capabilities that made it very interesting to work with: it melts in water at 150° F, in its melted state it can be manipulated into any form, and other materials can be embedded into it. In my samples, I worked on replicating the form that inspired me while embedding other materials. I eventually devised a series of steps that would allow me to add the black plastic lanyard and the beads while preserving the clean, fluid forms that I found most beautiful. I also saturated the InstaMorph with glow powder, which added to the otherworldly quality of the objects. Though their glow is mysterious and beautiful, it was important to me that the brooches be beautiful in daylight as well as in the dark. The forms themselves, the powerful black lines, the luminescent beads, and the bright paint on the wings all serve to create striking forms in daylight while the glow powder transforms them into beautifully alien forms when the lights go out.”

We’re so happy that Shannon found InstaMorph easy to work with. The results sure were good for her project. Love the creative naming as well. :)

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