Pea Shooter Costume

Pea Shooter Costume

Kelly used InstaMorph to create a piece of her son's Halloween costume.

"He had his heart set on being an ice peashooter from Plants vs. Zombies (a video game). I was at a loss over how to make this until the start of the week. I ordered a gas mask for part of it, but I knew I would still have to figure out how to make the peashooters mouth. After hours of searching DIY and reusing plastic, InstaMorph appeared and saved the day!

I used a toy vuvuzela as the mold for my piece. It took a while to get it right, but it worked out perfectly. I used it to be safe, but I didn't need the glue. The piece practically clicked onto the gas mask and held tight. My son loved this and he even won the Halloween Costume Contest!"

Thank you so much for sharing your Halloween project with us Kelly. Great to hear that your son  won the costume contest. From the looks of it, the win was well deserved.

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