InstaMorph moldable plastic helped create these fashion dresses for a fashion show. Long InstaMorph "ribbons" flowing in different colors.

InstaMorph Fashion

Keith is a sophomore costume designer in the school of drama at Carnegie Mellon University.  He was a recent designer for the annual fashion show at his school called “Lunar Gala”. His three piece collection were constructed entirely of InstaMorph.

“My designs consisted mainly of ombre strands with contrasting spike details and accessories… I fell in love with your product after using it to create a mask for a project last semester. I can’t wait to make more clothing with it in the future!”

Thanks Keith! It’s really interesting to see InstaMorph being used for an entire outfit. We’ve seen that InstaMorph can be great for accessories and costuming, but this is the first time it’s been used as actual clothing.

We hope the audience at the show enjoyed these creations as much as we did. Thanks for sharing them with us Keith.

UPDATE: Keith shared some additional pictures and a video with us that show in more detail how InstaMorph was used in his final creation. Really interesting to see how the colors were used here and how the plastic moves on the models.

Click here for video.


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