Homunculus Costume Teeth

Homunculus Costume Teeth

Nick made some teeth (pretty large ones at that) for a homunculus costume. It’s “Greed” from “Full Metal Alchemist” for those playing the home game.

“I needed some very custom teeth for a convention costume (pictured) and I just could not find the right thing to make it out of, I tryed cardboard, foam, I even thought about wood, but then I found you guys and WOW. Exactly what I needed. This stuff is amazing! I try to tell everyone I can about you because I think this might be the coolest material I’ve ever had the pleasure of purchasing. Thank you guys sooooo much!”

Nick even got some kudos from Vic Mignogna (voice actor for the show) that he was the best Greed he’d ever seen. That’s a pretty good compliment!

Interesting in making your own teeth? Maybe something smaller? Maybe something bigger? Well, you can view our tutorial on making your own vampire fangs here as a starting point. Searching for “InstaMorph” on Tumblr will also show you some excellent examples of what people out there are making.

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