Costume Claws

Costume Claws

Here’s a great use of InstaMorph for costuming; making custom claws that fit exactly to your fingers.

“When making claws for a costume I originally tried fun foam, but being soft those claws fell apart after 1 day. Using InstaMorph how ever I created claws that are sturdy, look amazing and really made the costume shine. Defiantly going to keep InstaMorph on hand for more costume parts.

The paint was a combination of orange spray paint for the base coat, and a gold acrylic top coat, I’ve found that acrylic just tends to flake off of InstaMorph on its own.”

Yep, we’ve found that a base layer goes a long way as well, especially for acrylics. We love spray paint with InstaMorph, especially the kinds that are specially formulated for working on plastic. We also love our pigment packs for impregnating the color in the plastic, even better than paint! (one limitation is a good metallic color like what you see here).



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