Costume Armour PIeces

Costume Armour PIeces

Courtney (and her horse Apple Pie) used InstaMorph throughout her costume for Fantasycon’s parade in Salt Lake City. She emailed us this picture with the following story.

“This was a costume I did for a parade, and InstaMorph was used costantly. It was used to make shoulder armor, skulls and spikes on the skirt (which can’t be seen in this pic D:) spikes behind the horse’s ears and red spikes on the wings. It was also used to make the wing’s frame. :) 

This costume looked a little familiar to us here at InstaMorph HQ, so we posed a guess. Is this from “How to Train Your Dragon?” we asked. Courtney replied in the affirmative.

“We sure are! Astrid and her dragon, Stormfly! This event was Fantasycon’s parade in Salt Lake City:)”

She even sent us some more detailed pictures where you can see how InstaMorph was used as she described above. Thanks Courtney! We hope you had a blast in the parade. Sure looks like fun.


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