Barrel Mask

Barrel Mask

Aaron made a Halloween mask for his son of the character Barrel from “A Nightmare Before Christmas”. He used yellow tattoo ink to color the teeth (that one was a new one for us), but it looks like it came out great.

“With Halloween coming up, I was in the market for a costume for my 2 year old son. My wife and I decided to do a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, her being Sally, me being Jack Skellington, and our son being Barrel. The only problem was no one makes a Barrel costume, so I set my mind on making one. I ordered a 16oz jar of InstaMorph and got started. Using plate, I shaped the mask and a shot glass to cut out the eye holes, then reheated and put it over a ball to get the round shape. Next I used yellow tattoo ink (yes tattoo ink) to color some InstaMorph to make the teeth. I again used a plate to flatten the InstaMorph into a sheet and cut out the teeth shapes, then reheated and stuck them to the surface of the mask. Last step was to use a black Sharpie to outline the eye holes, nose holes, and teeth.

I had a lot of fun with the project. Thanks InstaMorph!”

One of his pro tips was to cut up the extra yellow plastic into little pellets, similar to how InstaMorph was originally packaged. That way it would melt down quickly for the next project. Great idea Aaron!

Also, if don’t have any tattoo ink, you can always get a great yellow using the dyes found in the InstaMorph Pigment Pack.

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