Travel watercolor palette made with InstaMorph moldable plastic.

Watercolor Travel Palette

Jim describes how he made a small tray out of InstaMorph for carrying water color paints with him on the go.

“I made a small watercolor palette, but first I had to make the positive mold. I found some upholstery tacks on Amazon that had heads that were shaped like pyramids. I cut a piece of wood to the size of an index card and covered it with aluminum foil since InstaMorph does not stick to metal. I then hammered the metal tacks into rows and columns. I softened the InstaMorph and rolled it out into a sheet and pressed it onto the mold and let it cool. I used a radial arm saw and a file to trim it to the final size and tapped an index card covered with shipping tape to the left hand side to act as both a cover and a mixing area. Finally I filled the wells with watercolor paints from tubes and let it harden overnight. I put a tab of blue painter’s tape on to hold the cover shut when traveling. This makes for a nice shirt pocket palette. The finished palette is 4 3/4 x 2 7/8 x 1/8 inches when closed.”

Thanks Jim for sharing the details with us on how you made this. The finished product looks amazing! We hope you make some great art with this handy little project.

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Watercolor tray made out of InstaMorph. Also shown is the mold used to make it.

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