InstaMorph moldable plastic crafted into a tree to make a stand for a beaded lizard for a Christmas gift.

Tropical Tree Stand

Ashley used InstaMorph in this mixed media sculpture. This beaded lizard now has a cozy branch to lay on to display his awesome lizardy lizardnous.

“I first made a beaded lizard for a friend as a late Christmas gift. I was at a loss of what to do with the cute little guy once he was done. Then I realized, I could make him into a sculpture or desk ornament if I could make a cute stand to attach him to. I considered using a stick from the yard and fake plants to make the stand, when my husband said I should see what I could do with my InstaMorph

Three hours, a hotplate and pot of water, lots of mixing powdered chalk pastels into soft Instamorph, and a little super glue later, and my little lizard had a wonderful hand made stand, turning him into a wonderful mixed media sculpture with a wonderful, leafy branch base to sit on.”

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